Mildew Removal

Avoiding the growth of mildew on or inside spa covers is difficult. You can reduce the possibility of mildew by maintaining proper water chemistry BUT lets be honest…life gets busy and maintaining the perfect water balance is not always possible. Luckily, your friends at Aqua Vita Spas are here to help, with step by step guidelines for cleaning mildew from your spa. ENJOY!

Materials you will need:

  1. Household Bleach
  2. Gloves
  3. Protective Eyewear
  4. A garden hose
  5. A mildew inhibitor (such as Pine-Sol)
  6. 303 Protectant


  1. Put on protective gloves and eyewear and with undiluted household bleach, thoroughly scrub the underside of the cover with a soft bristle brush 
  2. Rinse thoroughly with water at garden hose pressure
  3. Remove foam cores from vinyl encasement. This procedure is best performed by a two person team
  4. Thoroughly scrub the inside of the encasement with a soft bristle brush and undiluted household bleach
  5. Using a terrycloth towel, wipe down both sides of each foam core with undiluted household bleach
  6. Rinse the inside of the encasement and foam cores with generous amounts of water at garden hose pressure
  7. Allow the encasement and foam cores to dry completely HOWEVER do not put foam cores in direct sunlight to dry- they can melt!
  8. Once the encasement and foam cores are thoroughly dry, spray them with a mildew inhibitor such as Pine-Sol
  9. Allow the mildew inhibitor to dry completely
  10. Inspect the plastic covering the foam cores for damage. If you find a small hole or rip, contact Aqua Vita Spas for repair solutions.  *Unrepaired holes and rips in your cover will result in your cover becoming waterlogged (making it extremely heavy and difficult to open), and the cover will lose its insulating properties resulting in higher energy bills. 
  11. If your foam cores have become bowed, position the bowed side up before carefully inserting foam cores back into the encasement.  Make sure zippers are fully closed and zipper flaps are properly positioned 
  12. Place cover onto spa and apply 303 Protectant according to the Cover Care instructions.

That’s it!

But if this process seems too arduous and time consuming for you to do personally, call your friends at Aqua Vita Spas (970-879-4390) and ask to be added to our Maintenance and Water Care route! 

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