Replacement Covers

Aqua Vita Spas replacement covers from Sunstar are specifically made for our mountain environment.

When it comes time for a replacement, never settle for a cheap internet imitation. Covers for every make and model hot tub – custom covers too! Choose from 11 colors, available in Heavy-Duty Outdoor and Walk-On Super Duty Outdoor.


Energy Efficiency

SunStar Covers pioneered the first rigid, vinyl hot tub cover, creating a higher standard for energy efficiency. The full length hinge gasket locks in heat. The Heavy-Duty Outdoor and Walk-On Super Duty Outdoor foam cores increase the R-factor of the cover, adding to its ability to retain heat.


Superior Construction

The custom-fit foam core is tapered to allow water runoff, and covered in superior marine grade vinyl. Polyester thread is treated to withstand years of harsh weather, chemicals, and intense sunlight. A poly-ply laminate within the vinyl protects the hot tub cover’s core from exposure to chemicals and cold. And vinyl flaps shield the nylon zipper and zipper pull for long-lasting use.


Durable Design

Twenty-eight internal stress points are reinforced within each spa cover. Aluminum reinforcement provides maximum strength with minimum weight to support the center of the cover. Four layers of double-stitched vinyl add strength and durability to the hinge. And extra strong padded handles have five layers of reinforcement to help ensure long-lasting performance.


Safety Certified

Reinforced, adjustable straps help to safely secure the cover to the spa, and include child resistant safety locks that can be locked with a key. Every cover is UL classified in accordance with ASTM safety standards









.   UL Classified
2.   Full 3 Year Non Pro-Rated Warranty
3.   Marine Grade Vinyl
4.   Vapor Lock Seal with Antaeus 2000™
5.   Twenty-Eight Points of Internal Reinforcement
6.   Tough ’N Sturdy Hinge
7.   Super-Strength Padded Handles
8.   Premiere Hot Tub Cover Skirt
9.   Tie Down Straps
10. Center Release Spa Cover Fasteners
11. Plastic Drain Grommet
12. Double-Ply Poly-Laminate
13. Tapered Foam Core
14. Steel Reinforcement
15. Commercial Grade Nylon Zipper and Protection Flap 
16. Hidden Zipper Pull Protection
17. GHSG™ Super Heat Seal Gasket
18. Virgin Foam Cores
19. Unmatched Service
20. Over 30 Years of Experienced Craftsmanship