Hot Tubs

How to Get Rid of Biofilm in Hot Tubs

Biofilm builds up in the plumbing of hot tubs and covers itself in a protective layer of slime that is resistant to sanitizers like chlorine or bromine. It’s a relatively common problem in hot tubs and pools that causes increased chemical use and issues with water quality. Luckily it is possible to get rid of … Read More

How Fast Can You Swim in a Swim Spa?

Swimming is an excellent form of low-impact exercise and swim spas are more versatile than full-sized swimming pools as they can be installed in much smaller spaces and used year round. Depending on the model, swim spas allow you to swim at a pace anywhere from 3 km/h to 18 km/h which is faster than … Read More

How Often Should You Use a Sauna?

Saunas have been used as a form of relaxation and to support overall wellbeing for hundreds of years across the globe. Some use a sauna daily, many beginning at a young age which allows their bodies to become accustomed to that routine, while others may only sauna once or twice a week. How often you … Read More

Does a Hot Tub Increase Home Value?

When homeowners consider taking on a home improvement project, a common question is whether the addition will add value to their home. Although a hot tub may add some value to your property under the right conditions, you should focus, first and foremost, on whether it will be enjoyable for personal use. We’ve outlined some … Read More

Can You Put a Swim Spa in a Basement?

Installing a swim spa inside could be a great option for those who live in extremely hot or cold climates or who just want the convenience of having their spa close by. There are a number of different indoor options, including a basement and also some considerations to keep in mind when it comes to … Read More

Why Am I Not Sweating in an Infrared Sauna?

First it’s important to understand the difference between a traditional steam sauna and one that uses infrared or waves of light to create heat as both of these experiences will feel different in your body. It’s perfectly normal not to sweat or not to sweat very much during a sauna session and there could be … Read More

What is Better, Near or Far Infrared Sauna?

When you are considering purchasing a sauna there are many things to think about like what size sauna you should get, where to put it, what style and also what heat source it uses. Most home based saunas use infrared heating elements. Infrared therapy works by providing a mild heat stressor to the body causing … Read More

Can a Sauna Help You Lose Weight

Saunas have all kinds of health benefits like helping you relax and get a better night’s sleep, but can they also help you lose weight? Unfortunately using a sauna alone won’t produce dramatic weight loss but, as part of a healthy lifestyle, it can enhance the effects of diet and exercise.  Does Sitting in a … Read More

How to Move a Hot Tub

No one knows how to safely and efficiently move a hot tub like technicians from your local dealer. Not only will they move your tub to your new home, but they’ll also install it and ensure that it works properly. If you’re set on moving it yourself, here are some tips to set you up … Read More

Can You Use a Swim Spa Year Round?

Swim spas are truly one of the greatest innovations in history of the pool and spa industry, they’re affordable, portable, energy efficient, therapeutic and they can be used year-round. If you love the idea of having a pool that you can use even in the dead of winter, then maybe it’s worth considering a swim … Read More