Is It Worth Having a Sauna at Home?

The biggest benefit of an at home sauna is that it allows you to have a luxurious spa-like retreat in the convenience of your own home. Sitting in a sauna regularly has a number of health benefits including relaxation and stress relief, and saunas are relatively easy to install and maintain. Whether you’re building a … Read More

Are Hot Tubs Difficult to Maintain?

In short, no, hot tubs really aren’t all that difficult to care for and maintain. You’ll need a basic understanding of water chemistry and a simple testing and cleaning schedule. Hot tubs usually need weekly water testing and basic cleaning, with a drain, deep clean and re-fill every few months.  Are Hot Tubs High Maintenance?  … Read More

Which is Better a Swim Spa or Hot Tub?

Swim spas are moderately sized jetted tubs that also feature a current that you can swim against. Hot tubs don’t have a current, but instead have jets that swirl and bubble around you as you relax. The biggest difference between the two other than swim and exercise capability is going to be size and cost. … Read More

What’s the Best Sauna for Home Use?

If you’re considering buying a sauna there are a few things you’ll want to consider. You’ll need to think about where the sauna will be installed, if it’s indoors or outside and how many people will be using it. Then you can decide what type of heat source and materials you’d like. Luckily there are … Read More

How Long Does a Hot Tub Last?

On average, a hot tub can last anywhere from 5 to 20+ years. The two factors that affect the lifespan of a tub are the quality of the materials of the spa itself and how well it is maintained. Therefore, it’s important to choose the highest quality hot tub you can afford and plan to … Read More

Are Swim Spas Easy to Maintain?

Smaller than a traditional swimming pool but larger than a hot tub, swim spas allow you to relax, swim and work out at home year round. If you have experience caring for a pool or a hot tub then you’ll already be familiar with many of the maintenance needs for a swim spa. While slightly … Read More

Are Saunas Safe to Use When Pregnant?

Especially if it was part of your self-care routine prior to becoming pregnant, you might be wondering if it’s a good idea to use a sauna during your pregnancy. While the choice is ultimately yours, and there’s little research that’s been done, it’s recommended to limit your use of a sauna during pregnancy to less … Read More

Can You Put a Bath Bomb in a Hot Tub?

Traditional bath bombs are usually made with ingredients that can clog filters, throw off your water’s pH balance and cause damage to important equipment inside of your tub. While we don’t recommend using regular bath bombs in your spa, there are products that are formulated specifically for hot tub use.  Products to Avoid Using in … Read More

Should I Shower After I Use a Sauna?

Regardless if you’re planning to use a public or a personal sauna, it’s usually a good idea to shower before and after your session to prevent spreading and picking up germs and bacteria. Aside from health and hygiene purposes, good sauna etiquette adds to the longevity of a sauna by keeping it clean and free … Read More

Are Hot Tubs Safe for Kids?

Hot tubs and pools are a wonderful way to relax and unwind, but they do pose risks to kids. Small children shouldn’t use hot tubs because they’re not able to dissipate heat as well as adults. Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer, but here are some things you should be mindful of when considering whether or … Read More