Maintenance and Water Care Program

“With Aqua Vita’s quality service and trustworthiness, my spa is one less thing to worry about”

-T.B., Steamboat Springs


Long gone are the days of having to figure out how to clean and maintain your hot tub by yourself. Work less and relax more with Aqua Vita Spas Maintenance and Water Care Service. Our professional program will not only extend the life of your spa, but will also optimize your hot tub experience- all without you having to lift a finger!

The Aqua Vita Spas Maintenance and Water Care Service makes maintaining your hot tub effortless. You may join our program full time, seasonally or even just while you are on vacation.

What we do during each visit:

By enrolling in our Maintenance and Water Care Service you will ensure your spa is always clean, clear and safe to use. During each visit we will:

  • Test and balance the water chemistry. This includes sanitizer, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and total dissolved solids
  • Check water temperature
  • Fill water to proper level
  • Vacuum debris from spa and clean the water line
  • Check all equipment – if anything is broken or missing we can replace at cost (with your permission)
  • Maintain detailed records of service history
  • Leave electronic door hanger upon request (proof we were there and took loving care of your tub)

Additional add-on services:

  • Cabinet cleaning and protection
  • Jet cleaning and maintenance
  • Professional filter cleaning
  • Drain, clean and refill
  • Cover cleaning and UV protection
  • Plumbing purge
  • Seasonal start up and shut down

Nothing impacts the beauty of your spa more than the condition of your spa cover and cabinet. Regular cleaning and protection will maintain its original beauty!

Sensitive skin? No problem, additional water care solutions are available upon request.

Aqua Vita Spas has the largest Maintenance and Water Care Service in Routt County and has become widely known, respected and requested. If you would like the Pro’s to take care of your hot tub, then please fill out the form provided below and a customer service representative will be in contact with you shortly.



Maintenance and Water Care