Hard water? Well water? No problem!!!

Recently we have had a few questions from members of our community asking if they can have a hot tub if they use well water. The answer- ABSOLUTELY!! We understand many people in Routt County rely on well water, which is often very hard- meaning packed full of minerals. This can be problematic not only … Read More

Mildew Removal

Avoiding the growth of mildew on or inside spa covers is difficult. You can reduce the possibility of mildew by maintaining proper water chemistry BUT lets be honest…life gets busy and maintaining the perfect water balance is not always possible. Luckily, your friends at Aqua Vita Spas are here to help, with step by step … Read More

How To: Set A Space Heater

Is your hot tub not circulating or not heating? Are you concerned it will freeze during our cold winter nights and cause damage to the pipes and shell? Here is a short video from your friends at Aqua Vita Spas on how to set a space heater to prevent ice up damage in your spa.  … Read More