Is It Worth Having a Sauna at Home?

wood sauna, water bucket and ladle

The biggest benefit of an at home sauna is that it allows you to have a luxurious spa-like retreat in the convenience of your own home. Sitting in a sauna regularly has a number of health benefits including relaxation and stress relief, and saunas are relatively easy to install and maintain. Whether you’re building a house or looking to add a sauna to an existing one, let’s explore the benefits of adding a sauna to your home. 

Is It Worth Having a Sauna at Home?

For centuries saunas have been a way that Finnish culture and other parts of the world spend time with family and friends. Consistent sauna use comes with a host of benefits including reduced inflammation, stress relief, better sleep and improved cardiovascular health. If you’re an athlete, using a sauna can also help with muscle recovery and improve your training. Having a sauna at home gives you an opportunity to create traditions with loved ones and provides a convenient stress free and relaxing environment that’s always accessible in the privacy of your own home. 

An in-home sauna will take some extra planning, materials and cost, regardless of the type of sauna you choose and because there are so many size and shape options, including custom built saunas, it’s easy to install a sauna after a home has been built or in what might seem like a challenging location. The footprint of your sauna will depend on what type you choose and how many people it will need to accommodate. Saunas can be installed either indoors or outside and can even increase the value of your home. 

As far as home based health and wellness options go, saunas are fairly low maintenance, all you’ll have to do is a quick wipe of the floors and walls after each use and do occasional deeper cleaning. A well-built sauna will last for decades and does not cost a lot of money on energy or electricity. When you install a sauna, you can choose from a few different types, customize the wood and look and enjoy other features like music and lighting. 

What Type of Sauna Can I Install At Home? 

There are several different types of saunas available for residential use. Three of the most common types of in-home saunas are traditional, infrared and steam saunas. A traditional sauna is a dedicated room or space made of wood that can reach 170-190°F. With this type of sauna, you also have the option to pour water over hot rocks releasing steam and humidity. The most traditional version comes with a wood burning stove and can reach temperatures of 200°F. If you choose a type of sauna with steam or smoke, just remember that you’ll need to follow specific installation procedures to properly vent it. 

An infrared sauna is another home based sauna option and like a traditional sauna is usually built as a dedicated room or space. Infrared saunas run at much lower temperatures than traditional Finnish saunas, and unlike a traditional sauna which heats the air in the room, in this type of sauna, heat penetrates your body through near and far infrared wavelengths to elevate your body’s core temperature. This type of sauna does not have steam or smoke. 

If you’re unsure whether a traditional rock style heated or an infrared light heated sauna is best for you, or simply want to experience both types of heat, there are hybrid saunas which include both types of heat. 

Another option for an at home sauna is to integrate the sauna experience into your shower with a steam shower. Usually built as a walk-in shower unit with a bench or built-in seat, it functions just like a normal shower and also has steam generator pipes to allow for a sauna experience in your shower when you want it.

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