Surface Care

Surface Care

To maintain the high gloss and elegant look of the acrylic surface of your spa, just follow these simple steps when it is time to change your water.

  • Drain Spa.
  • Mix 1 part BioGuard Off The Wall Cleaner with 2 parts warm water.
  • Working one area at a time, apply generous amounts of cleaning solution to spa interior with a clean cloth.
  • Allow BioGuard Off The Wall Cleaner to work on deposits for one minute then rescrub with cloth. Do not allow BioGuard Off The Wall Cleaner to dry before rinsing.
  • Thoroughly flush spa interior and jet fittings with clear water.
  • Remove rinse water from footwell. Re-rinse entire spa and remove water from footwell.
  • Dry spa interior with clean, absorbent cloth.


Important Surface Care Reminders


Never Use Abrasive Cleaners!

Do not allow acrylic surface to come in contact with products such as acetone (nail polish remover), nail polish, dry-cleaning solvent, lacquer thinners, gasoline, pine oil, wintergreen oil, or similar substances.

Remove dust and dry dirt with soft, damp cloth.

Clean grease, oil, paint, and ink stains with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Never use razor blades or other sharp instruments that might scratch the surface.

Always keep cover on spa when drained or not in use.

NOTE: Failure to THOROUGHLY remove all BioGuard Off The Wall Cleaner residual from spa interior will result in foaming.

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