Jet Maintenance

Jet Maintenance

Spin jets and adjustable jets provide variety to hydrotherapy and are a pleasure to use. To keep them operating properly, we recommend these periodic maintenance procedures.


  • Once a month turn ON and OFF each adjustable jet in your spa. Do this several times to each jet in order to free debris or deposits that may have built-up behind the jet.
  • Periodically back flush debris or deposits from the spin mechanism of each jet. To do this, turn jet pump(s) ON to low speed. Working one jet at a time, briefly insert a finger into the jet nozzle and rotate it counter-clockwise. Do not completely obstruct the water flow from the jet nozzle. This procedure is easily performed while using your spa.
  • Once a year, remove each jet from its wall fitting and clean the jet barrel with a clean cloth. Flush wall fitting interior with generous amounts of clear water at maximum garden hose pressure. Re-install jet into wall fitting.


NOTE: Some jet barrels require that trace amounts of Teflon® lubricant be applied to specific parts of the jet barrel. Contact Aqua Vita Spas for more information.


Aqua Vita Spas offers Jet Cleaning and Lubrication as one of their SpaCare Services. Please contact us for pricing.

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