Filter Cleaning

Filter Cleaning

For All Water Chemistries EXCEPT Soft Soak


Clean filter(s) are vital for circulation and heating systems to function properly. Cleaning your filter(s) every 4-8 weeks will produce cleaner, safer, water and will extend the service life of your filter(s) for up to one year.


Clean your filter(s) by following these five steps:


  1. Remove filter(s) from filter housing. If available, put clean back-up filter(s) into filter housing and restart spa system.
  2. Flush filter(s) with water at maximum garden hose pressure to remove loose debris. Take care to remove all foreign matter from between the pleats.
  3. Uniformly apply full strength SpaGuard Filter Cleaner to filter(s). Allow cleaner to work on deposits for 15 minutes. Never mix SpaGuard Filter Cleaner with any other chemical.
  4. Thoroughly flush cleaning solution from filter(s) with water at maximum garden hose pressure.
  5. For optimum filter performance allow filter(s) to air dry three to four days before use. Air drying allows the filter to regain its maximum flow rate.


NOTE: If necessary remove calcium or mineral build-up by briefly soaking filter(s) in a separate acid solution. To make an acid solution, add 24 ounces of SpaGuard pH Decreaser to five gallons of water.* Mix thoroughly. Soak filter(s) in acid solution for 10 minutes. Thoroughly flush acid solution from filter(s) using large amounts of clean water.


CAUTION: Before soaking filter(s) in acid solution, all oils and cleaning products must be removed. Failure to remove all oils and cleaning products before acid soaking my result in a permanent restriction of water flow through the filter and cause premature filter failure.


REMINDER: Failure to THOROUGHLY remove all SPAGUARD FILTER CLEANER from filter(s) will result in foaming.


WARNING: Always add acid to water.
Do not mix chlorine or liquid bleach with acid.
Wear rubber gloves and safety glasses when using acid or chlorine.


* 1 Part muriatic acid to 20 parts water may be substituted.

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