Cover Cleaning

  • Cover Cleaning and Care

    It is important to keep your spa cover cleaned and conditioned. Dirty vinyl can dry out and become brittle. Not only does it look bad, but dry and brittle vinyl can tear at the seams and stress points.

    Proper cover care is easy. Once a season, clean and condition your cover by following these simple steps:

    • With cover on spa, rinse thoroughly with clean water.
    • Mix 1 part BioGuard Off The Wall Cleaner with 2 parts warm water.
    • Using a clean terrycloth towel apply generous amounts of cleaning solution to cover top and side skirt.
    • Allow the cleaning solution to work on deposits for one minute, then re-scrub with towel. A soft bristle brush may also be used.
    • Thoroughly flush cleaner from cover, spa cabinet, and deck with generous amounts of clean water.
    • Dry cover with clean, absorbent cloth.
    • Condition and UV protect your spa cover with 303 Protectant. Working one small area at a time, spray an even layer of 303 Protectant onto cover top and side skirt. Using a clean, absorbent cloth work 303 Protectant into vinyl until dry and shiny.

    NOTE: To prevent hazing, spa cover must be completely dry before applying 303 Protectant.

  • Spa Cover Tips

    • Maintaining proper water chemistry will extend the life of your cover.
    • Tree sap may be removed from cover vinyl by using lighter fluid (NOT charcoal lighter fluid but the type used in cigarette lighters). USE SPARINGLY! Immediately apply 303 Protectant to the cleaned area.
    • If water begins to puddle on your cover, unzip the vinyl encasement and turn over the foam core.
    • Certain vinyl cleaners should NEVER be used! These products contain oil that can cause immediate blistering of spa cover vinyl on hot sunny days. Also, prolonged use of these products will cause the vinyl to become brittle and begin to crack. Please contact Aqua Vita Spas for more specific information concerning these cleaners. In addition, avoid vinyl treatment products that contain any type of oil, have an oily or greasy feeling, contain petroleum distillates, or leave a coating that dries like wax. If a product label says “flammable” or “contains petroleum distillates”, do not use on vinyl.
  • Cover Care Tips for Winter

    Spa covers require special care and handling when subjected to winter conditions. Following these simple guidelines will go a long way in extending the service life of your cover.

    1. Do not use shovels or other sharp tools to remove accumulations of snow from spa cover.
    2. Use a soft bristle broom to remove snow from spa cover. At all cost-avoid puncturing the vinyl!
    3. Do not pry off ice that has frozen to the cover. Prying may remove the ice, but may also damage the cover
  • Mildew Removal

    Avoiding the growth of mildew on or inside spa covers is difficult. You can reduce the possibility of mildew growth by maintaining proper water chemistry. What should you do if you find mildew on or inside your spa cover?

    • Clean your cover according to the Cover Care instructions found in this section. DO NOT apply 303 Protectant.
    • With undiluted household bleach thoroughly scrub the UNDERSIDE of cover with a soft bristle brush. WEAR PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR!
    • Rinse thoroughly with water.
    • Remove foam cores from vinyl encasement. This procedure is best performed by a two person team.
    • Thoroughly scrub the INSIDE of the encasement with a soft bristle brush and undiluted household bleach.
    • Using a terrycloth towel, wipe down both sides of each foam core with undiluted household bleach.
    • Rinse the inside of the encasement and foam cores with generous amounts of water at garden hose pressure.
    • Allow the encasement and foam cores to dry completely. WARNING! DO NOT put foam cores in direct sunlight to dry – they can melt!
    • Once the encasement and foam cores are thoroughly dry, spray them with a mildew inhibitor, such as Pine-Sol.
    • Allow Pine-Sol to dry completely.
    • Inspect the plastic covering the foam cores for damage. Small holes and rips must be repaired. Contact Aqua Vita Spas for repair procedures.
    • If foam cores have become bowed, position the bowed side up before carefully inserting foam cores into encasement. Avoid damaging the plastic covering on the foam cores! Make sure zippers are fully closed and zipper flaps are properly positioned.
    • Place cover onto spa and apply 303 Protectant according to the Cover Care instructions found in this manual.
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