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Operated Since 1979

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But don't take our word for it! We think our "Customers for Life" say it best…

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Repeat business and customer referrals are a big part of Aqua Vita's success. We pride ourselves on nurturing long-term relationships with our clients.

Aqua Vita has been a reliable landmark in town as far as businesses go… I think the fact that you are here for me and are so helpful is almost as important as the 34 years you've been in business.

- R.W., Steamboat Springs


Being an out-of-town owner of a resort property, dealing with Aqua Vita is like built-in comfort. After using other spa service companies, we really appreciate the job you do for us. With Aqua Vita's quality service and trustworthiness, my spa is one less thing to worry about.

- T.B., Steamboat Springs


We have stayed with Aqua Vita because of the consistency of service, consistency of performance and your honesty. When we've sent people to your store, they've told us how much they appreciated it. It's nice to know everybody we refer will be treated the same great way we are.

- R.R., Steamboat Springs


Your computerized water analysis is great! It's especially helpful if you have a problem. I like being able to get my water analyzed, and then just have to add the chemicals it says to add. It takes the guesswork out.

- D.A., Steamboat Springs


You're more focused as a dealer when you stick to just one thing. I think that when a business is a jack of all trades and a master of none, customer service suffers. I think it's important that when you spend 5 to 10 thousand dollars on something, you  want to make sure that whoever you are dealing with is totally clued in. Customer service is all about focus—if you sell only one type of product, you can literally specialize in only that one product and your team can too—you can focus on getting them the training that will make them specialists too. That was my experience at Aqua Vita. You are experts at what you do.

-G.M., Steamboat Springs


Hot tubs are not just a commodity that you can buy and hope that you don't need support from the store where you bought it. When the store specializes in only hot tubs, like you guys, you're obviously going to get a higher level of service. When you walk into Aqua Vita you are greeted by name. I've known most of your employees for years. Service is key. Experience is key. The bottom line is that bad service can make a fun product like a hot tub look bad. Because of my experience with your company I have complete trust that things are going to be done to my satisfaction. You guys are passionate about what you do and your excellent service is proof of it. You guys have really nailed the service. I highly respect your family business.

-J.M., Steamboat Springs


My spa is the best money I've spent. A lot of the things that I've purchased for the house don't give near the enjoyment. I'm serious. I would recommend the product to anyone. Everything about our spa has worked flawlessly.

-F.D., Steamboat Springs

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Aqua vita spas asstests


1815 Central Park Drive

(Central Park Plaza)

Steamboat Springs, CO



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Aqua vita spas asstests
Aqua vita spas asstests